Hack in a Box - 2019

Bringing real world critical and creative thinking skills to your classroom

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Hack in a Box is Australia’s first schools' program that gets students solving real world challenges. During the program, students are taught a set of innovation tools that are based on the latest research into what has been scientifically proven to boost creative and critical thinking skills.

The program involves students working closely in groups, through a series of six in-classroom sessions, that can be tailored to fit any subject or extra curricular activity.

Students walk away with a scientifically proven innovation methodology that can be applied in any subject, in their personal life and beyond, to help solve any challenges they need to think creatively about. The skills learnt will ensure students are ready for the jobs of the future, where the ability to think critically and creatively is a must-have for employers.

Hack in a Box was designed by Organisational Psychologists and other science geeks at Inventium, Australia’s leading innovation consultancy. Inventium's methodology has been scientifically proven to drive innovation, and has been taught to leading organisations all over the world, such as Google, Disney, LEGO, and many others.

This toolkit contains everything you need to be able to run the full Hack in a Box program in your classroom. It includes detailed session outlines, handouts and student videos.

Our Guarantee

If you finish the Hack in a Box program, and don't fee both yourself and students have been energised and equipped with practical creative and critical thinking tools, let us know. We are super confident you'll get loads of value, but if you don't, tell us how much you thought it was worth, and we'll refund the difference.

Your Instructor

Inventium Labs
Inventium Labs

We’re Inventium. Our science-based methodology has helped over 100,000 people become better innovators. We do this through skill building workshops, keynotes and assessment. We are also pretty handy at helping create a culture where innovation thrives. Our method is like design thinking, but with less art and a truckload more science. We’ve worked with organisations all over the world such as Google, Nestle, Disney and LEGO, creating innovation success stories.

We recently embarked on a mission to bring these same tools and methodologies to the classroom, to ensure that the next generation is equipped with the critical and creative thinking skills required to solve real world challenges of today.

Course Curriculum

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Frequently Asked Questions

When do I have to run the program?
You can fit it into your timetable whenever it suits you. The 6 sessions can be run across a number of weeks, or back to back.
How many sessions are there?
There are 6 sessions designed around a 50-60min class period plus a pre-program activity which only takes 5 minutes.
What does the online toolkit include?
The toolkit contains everything you need to run the program including student videos, detailed session plans, teacher tips and handouts.

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